The Major Role of Renewable Energy Towards Sustainable Development

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has always stood as a backbone for various projects. The kind of benefits or advantages that it brings to the sector tend to formulate into valuable points for the future. Due to the type of renewable sources present in the environment, it seems like a fair idea to quote that renewable energy will take us towards sustainable development. But if you’re confused about how things might end up heading in that direction, then we are here to clarify. Hence, here’s a brief take on the critical role played by renewable energy in taking us to sustainable development.

1. The Fight Against Climate Change

One of the biggest threats that the world faces at the moment is climate change or global warming. The kind of effects that it brings to the table is powerful enough to wipe out the possibility of a future. So the task or the process to fight the same needs to be implemented, and we all have to ensure the same. One of the significant ways through which we achieve that is to depend upon renewable sources. Yes, that’s right. Unlike other sources of energy or power, renewable sources do not emit greenhouse gases and thus, will not add on to the impact of global warming.


2. Reduces Dependency on Energy

Dependence on fossil fuel imports tends to result in the submission of the economy, apart from the apparent fact of environmental pollution. So changing our sources of supply from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy makes absolute and complete sense. By doing so, our dependence on other forms of energy will reduce, and countries can move forward to be independent.

3. An Inexhaustible Source

An Inexhaustible Source

When compared to conventional or other sources such as coal, gas and nuclear, renewable sources seem to be inexhaustible. As they adapt to natural cycles, these renewables tend to offer various benefits in contrast to other sources. Due to this, a complete source of a sustainable energy system can be enhanced for the future and made available to everyone. Hence, renewable sources of energy are more important than you think.

4. Support from International Communities

The effects of global warming have managed to trigger a large group of people, and the international community was quick to notice. As a result, they have understood their obligation to the environment and the leading effects of a carbon-filled economy. So the international consensus is all in favour of de-carbonization of the economy and building a framework that stands for the promotion of clean energy technologies. Thus, one can expect to see a host of changes that will very well place renewable sources of energy at the forefront of sustainable development.


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